Troop Policies

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Troop Uniform Policies

Class A Uniform

A Full Class A uniform consists of:

* Official BSA uniform shirt with correct rank and insignia, tucked in and buttoned

*Troop 51 neckerchief with slide Appropriate pants (i.e. without holes, fit correctly)

A full Class A uniform is required for all Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. Class A uniforms should be worn at all troop meetings and at all district or council functions. (See photo below.)  A Class A uniform should be worn during fundraisers.

Class B Uniform

A Class B uniform consists of:

  • Troop 51 T-shirt 

    Class B uniforms should be worn whenever a Class A uniform is not required.  In general, Class B uniforms are worn while traveling on Troop outings, at Summer Camp, and during service projects.  

 No special uniform is required on campouts or informal outings, such as ice skating.